It all started with my first jobs after school.  The jobs that took me from TV & film distribution and PR to production to post-production – from NYC on through multiple countries on 2 continents – that I discovered I had a knack for pronouncing almost anything (once you get your tongue around Nahuatl everything else is much easier.)  And then I found I could tell a good story – and everything has a story – and so began the transition from behind the scenes to the Voiceover Booth.

Learned Spanish, forgot French.  Returned home to NYC where VO led me from commercial post-production to radio co-hosting, airborne traffic reporting and news anchoring for a while. Traded in a small video edit suite for a smaller radio booth, an even smaller cabin of a 2-seater plane, with the doors held on with duct tape – because who needs doors?  And now I stand in a tiny metal box the size of a coffin and talk quietly to people who aren’t there. Sometimes I whisper to them, occasionally I may shout – but most of the time I simply tell their story.

The witch stole my broom in Oz, The Great and Powerful.  I have a massive collection of cowboy boots. And I’m an unapologetic native New Yorker.

Smart. Powerful. Quietly confident.SM I make your content sound right. 

Anthem reads to evil queens, medical to Nahuatl, science to natural history and from crime…to the divine ®